Spencer and Toby in 5X08 ‘Scream for Me’

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Pretty Little Liars -  Behind The Scenes “A Dark Ali" [5x10]

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Troian and Keegan have such good comic timing though. Like that scene was so spontaneous and they really gave off that old married couple vibe. I wish we’d actually get more of such scenes. I mean I love our romantic, sweet stuff, but damn, this is MY TYPE OF STUFF. The genre I love the most, comedy! I’d been waiting for Spoby to crack me up like that and here it is!


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friends theory: What if Bethany is Jason’s twin sister or just a daughter Mrs. D and Mr. Hastings had together?! I mean clearly Mrs.D was close to her and spencer’s dad is connected in this somehow because he is definitely hiding something and Melissa knows about it 

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mistakesswereemadee asked: I think it is so interesting how they make Hanna dress differently, and drink, but she has the same personality. She still says "dumb" things, and has her same sense of humor during her spiral.


lol i completely agree! i gues her personality never changes but now i feel bad for her :/ hope someone believes her 

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"We wouldn’t be us if we didn’t believe in second chances." || 100 Episodes of Spoby

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